The ENGINITE Multiplier Event at Greece

On Friday, October 11th 2019, the ENGINITE multiplier event was successfully organized by the Technical University of Crete, at the Technical Chamber of Greece (Department of Western Crete), between 18:30-20:00. 

The multiplier event attracted more than 40 interested stakeholders, among which many young engineers, academics and researchers from the Technical University of Crete, as well as representatives of other relevant institutions and organizations at Chania. 

The event was also attended by Prof. Antonia Moropoulou (National Technical University of Athens), President of the Representation of the Technical Chamber of Greece and Chief Scientific Supervisor for the restoration of the Holy Tomb of Christ. Prof. Moropoulou was also invited by the Technical University of Crete, the Local Branch of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Archdiocese in order to present the main outcomes of the restoration project, during the next day.

The event was enacted with an introductory greeting and a presentation by the Dean of Technical University of Crete, Prof. Evangellos Diamantopoulos. As part of his presentation, prof. Diamantopoulos referred to his prior experience in problem-based learning programmes at Canada, at the end of 70’s. This presentation was followed by an introductory greeting by the President of the Technical Chamber of Greece (Department of Western Crete), Mr. Spyros Sofianos. 

During the main part of the event, Prof. Kostas Komnitsas, Scientific Supervisor of the project at the Technical University of Crete, provided a brief overview of the project, followed by an analytical presentation of the project, its goals and its main outcomes delivered by Prof. Nikos Xekoukoulotakis. After the two presentations, the participating young engineers shared their experiences of both the ENGINITE training courses and structured internship at the companies. 

The event concluded with an open discussion, during which the attendees had the opportunity to interact with the speakers via posing their questions.

After the end of the event there was a reception for the attendees with coffee and light snacks. 

The multiplier event was marked by the attendees as highly successful!