Training Platform

ENGINITE Online Training Platform

ENGINITE’s main aim is to develop a top-notch training programme with a vision to bridge the gap between industry and academia helping to develop more market-ready young engineers. The training programme draws upon the need for an integrated training and work-based learning which builds on well-established pedagogical models as well as links with the labour market.

The Online Training Platform as presented in the IO4 enabled the accomplishment of the aforementioned goals: (a) online training platform was used for the face-to-face and online training purposes of the project, (b) online training platform disseminated/exploited as part of the multiplier events and the dissemination activities undertaken by the consortium, and (c) became available to the general public and to interested stakeholders the ENGINITE Training Programme and courses.

As manifested throughout the IO4 report, the Online Training Platform and its courses received a positive evaluation by the participating young engineers.  Also, based on the analytics and usage rates of the ENGINITE Online Training Platform, it appears that the educational content was disseminated beyond the engaged/partner countries with users from Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia, China and other countries such as Italy, Pakistan and United States. 

This information is also available and presented in the IO4.