Successful completion of the ENGINITE Project

The ENGINITE European project [ENGineering and Industry Innovative Training for Engineers] (, was successfully completed. The ENGINITE project, which was funded by the European Commission, was composed by partners from 6 partners different European countries: Cyprus University of Technology (Cyprus), Aalborg Universitet (Denmark), CUBEIE L.L.C (Cyprus),  Technical University of Crete (Greece), GrantXpert Consulting (Cyprus), and Useful Simple Projects Limited (UK).

The project was coordinated by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) – Social Computing Research Center ( The scientific coordinator of the project was Dr. Andri Ioannou, Associate Professor at the Department of Multimedia & Graphic Arts as well as Research Director of the Cyprus Interaction Lab ( The CUT ENGINITE group was comprised of Dr. Yiannis Georgiou (Project manager), Professor Panayiotis Zaphiris, Dr. Ioannis Vyrides, Dr. Stelios Yiatros, Dr. Herodotos Herodotou, Dr. Orestis Maragkos, Mrs. Elpida Georgiou, Mr Charis Samanides, Mrs Maria Andronikou, Mrs Nicoletta Pantela, and Mr Andreas Kitsis. 

The ENGINITE project focused on the design, development and establishment of a new industrial-oriented postgraduate vocational training programme, which used blended learning methods to set a higher standard level for engineering training. In its essence, the young graduate engineers who participated in the ENGINITE training program had the opportunity to gain work experience as, after the training they received, they were placed as interns in companies and industries to apply the knowledge they gained on a practical level. It is worth mentioning that the pedagogical approach adopted in the framework of the ENGINITE training program was based on the principles of Problem-based Learning (PBL).

All the goals which were set in the context of the ENGINITE European project were successfully achieved as follows:

  • -Development of an intensive training programme which provided hands-on experiences and professional guidance to participating young engineers.
  • -Development of a new way of engineering training which can be now adopted or copied by other educational organisations in the EU.
  • -Enhancement of the technical knowledge and the practical experience of the participating graduates and junior engineers.
  • -Creation of a vibrant community which brought closer industries and engineers. The collaborative environment created a new “culture” and a network where industry was able to test the educated engineers and even employ some of them for a permanent position.
  • -Increase of the recruitment potential of the participants, while also responding to the industry’s quest for high qualified engineers. 
  • -Dissemination activities and multiplier events for the promotion of the ENGINITE training method at the partner countries.

Achieving all the goals of the project was a collective effort. Therefore, we would like to thank all the participating young engineers at Cyprus who participated at the ENGINITE training programme, as follows: Agamemnonas Agamemnonos, Christina Agapiou, Monika Afxentiou, Charis Achilleos, Koulla Vrahnou, Theodora Evaggelou, Panayiota Karanicola, Maria Kosmadaki, Timotheos Krokos, Anna Ntaska, Koulla Pazourou, Georgios Pitsillis, Constantinos Souroullas, Maria Tzogka, and Kyriaki Photiou. In addition, we would like to thank  the Environmental Engineering Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology, as well as all the companies/industries who took part at ENGINITE and provided internships to the participating engineers, as follows:  VICTORY G&L Calibers LTD, Nortest Cyprus, Vassiliko Cement Works Public Company LTD, Advance Holdings LTD, KEAN LTD, Innovating Environmental Solutions Center Ltd, Technolab, A. J. Pericleous LLC. 

We would also owe a special thank you to the members of the Cyprus National Advisory Board Despo Ktoridou (University of Nicosia), Elena Kalli (Cyprus Youth Board) and Savvas Savvides (Freelancer – Engineering Advisor) as well as to our guest speakers Andreas Dionysiou (Cyprus University of Technology), Katerina Tsagkari (Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company), Maria Kyriakou (Environmental Bioprocessing Laboratory) and Despo Ktoridou (University of Nicosia). A big thank you goes also to the Officers of the Foundation for the Management of European Lifelong Learning Programmes Mrs. Thekla Christodoulidou and Mrs. Polina Stavrou for their valuable support throughout the project.

Last, we would like to thank wholeheartedly to our ENGINITE consortium partner as follows: Panayiotis Andreou (CUBEiE LLC), Andreas Andreou (CUBEiE LLC), Konstantinos Komnitsas (Technical University of Crete), Nikolaos Xekoukoulotakis (Technical University of Crete), Celia Hadjichristodoulou (GrantXpert Consulting), Christina Achilleos (GrantXpert Consulting), Søren Willert (Aalborg University) and Oliver Broadbent (Think UP). Their contribution was a key aspect to the successful outcomes of the European ENGINITE project.

With the completion of the project, the partners involved in the ENGINITE consortium have launched an action plan aiming at the further dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of the findings derived during the European project. At the same time, the ENGINITE training platform remains active, continuing to attract new members and stakeholders who want to develop their skills and knowledge via the PBL approach. 

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