The ENGINITE Facebook (FB) channel ( has been very active since the kick-off meeting of the project (November 2017), and has contributed immensely to the dissemination of the project news, updates, and milestones completion. By the end of the project (October 2019) the channel counted more than 475 active followers.

The FB channel was also used as a major tool to promote the ENGINITE Training Programme during the recruitment phase. In addition, throughout the lifetime of the project, all the partners were responsible to distribute online articles relevant to the scope and the goals of the project. This strategy aimed at the attraction of more interested stakeholders.

As such, the FB channel has attracted many organic likes, without the help of promotional ads, which shows that the project was really interesting both to the target groups and to general audience.

Finally, by the end of the project, the ENGINITE FB channel was used as a vehicle for the dissemination of our participating young engineers’ and trainers’ testimonials of their ENGINTE training and internship experiences. Some of these testimonials received more than 30 likes, and 800 overall views. A selection of our engineers’ testimonials is also available at